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About us

Floor Care Specialist performs Marble Polishing & stone restoration, as well as Maintenance services for hotels, commercial accounts and fine residences. Our award-winning stone restoration services are known by many to be *The Standard* by which others are judged, since 1978. Our mission to provide our clients with the best service, the best price and the best results sets us apart. Floor Care Specialist has been providing expert marble restoration services for over 30 years. Contact us to have your marble polished and fine stone restored.

Our marble polishing and Restoration services enhance your property’s appearance. We use the best marble polishing products and materials to guarantee exquisite results. Our primary concern is always SAFETY. We’ve developed a unique process over the years to slow the floor down, while making it look magnificent.


Marble Stone Restoration Services.  We will restore, repair and polish the stone surfaces of floors, walls, stairs, bathrooms, lobbies, foyers, tabletops, countertops, bathroom vanities, fireplaces, and more to it’s beautiful original appearance. We restore stones of all kinds, from the hardest of granites to the softest of marbles, along with a multitude of other stones. We will polish, hone and clean your stone.


We undertake for restoration the following stone types:

– Marble
– Granite
– Terrazzo
– Travertine
– Saturnia

We offer our clients tile and grout cleaning and sealing.

– Marble Polishing and Stone Restoration Services.
– Marble Floor Polishing and Restoration.
– Marble Bathroom Polishing, Renovation and Restoration.

We also service and restore V.C.T., linoleum, and saltillo tile in South Florida.

ABC Floor Restore.(Care)
Clean, Strip, grind, Polish, Seal, Terrazzo, Mexican Tile, Marble, Granite, V.C.T. Ceramic, Linoleum & Marmoleum

Patched with Marble Chips..
Refinishing Experts.

Marble – Polishing
– Cleaning
– Cleaning Sealing

Bring all your old Floor Surfaces Back to Life
Put ‘Life’ into your old Floors We Refinish all Floors.

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ABC Floor Care the Premier South Florida

Marble & Terrazzo

– Grinding
– Repair
– Cleaning
– Polishing
– Sealing

Floor Restoration Service

– Saturnia
– Travertine
– Crema Mafil
– Terrazzo

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Our Marble & Terrazzo experts are experienced in thousands of projects both commercial and in residential homes…

Terrazzo – Cleaning, Polishing & REstoration
Holes & Crack Repair with marble chips (All) colors and epoxy resin…
“So good, you never would know, it had been patched”.

Marble/Granite/Limestone- Cleaning Polishing & Restoration.
V.C.T. & Mexican Tile, Strip, Clean, Waxing
Commercial & Residential

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  • Terrazzo Restoration
  • Terrazzo Polishing
  • Terrazzo Restored
  • Terrazzo to be restored
  • Terrazzo Patch and Repair
  • Terrazzo Cleaning
  • Terrazzo Type Selection
  • Marble Restored and Polished
  • Residential Marble/Stone Polishing
  • Epoxy Floor Sealing

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